Saturday, August 31, 2013

Overthinking Rule No. 9

Rule #9: Make the World Your Oyster (Stew) can be deconstructed into twelve sub-principles illuminated by Karen Karbo. (Over-thinkers Anonymous, here I come.)

A. Have everything you need before you begin.
B. Ignore the age spots.
C. Be the Best Middle-Aged __________ Ever.
D. Hog the spotlight.
E. Look good while you're doing it.
F. Stop over-thinking.
G. Identify your passion.
H. Take as long as you need to get the job done well.
I. Snore unapologetically.
J. Get your own bed if anyone complains about your night habits.
K. Let others be right if they must, but live your own truth.
L. Screw ambivalence.

I covered A, F, and L in my blog post on Friday, and addressed B on Twitter earlier today:
Today's focus was Rule 9, Sub-principle E: Look good while you're doing it. (Can you tell one of my undergrad classes was called "Effecting Change Through Policy Reform"?)

For Julia, that meant "skirts, blouses, and her famous pearls." She later had an eye job, face-lift #1, and face-lift #2. I'm not much for skirts, and I don't know any plastic surgeons that accept payment in pine cones or dessicated animal bones which are about all I'd have to trade. I have a graduated string of pearls I bought while I was in China. I'd be willing to accessorize like the Mighty J.

This young woman strung them while I stood there. I tried to learn a little Mandarin before we went. All I've really retained is 谢谢 (xiè xie) which means "Thank you." It came in handy.

I dug the pearls out today--I've never worn them--and put them on Julia-style, and then I took my lard butt outside for a walk on the property.

I can see why athletes and middle-aged walkers don't wear pearls while they work out because the pearls add a little weight and tend to curl up against any fold of skin they can find which in my case wasn't that hard to do.

But damn, I looked all pearly while I ambled through the trees.

Signing off with my Chinese name 石诗海 (translated loosely to mean Stone-Poet-Sea.)


  1. I wish I looked so awesome in pearls!! Love the blog Deb!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Joy! I loved your posts from your Julia week.

  3. "But damn, I looked all pearly while I ambled through the trees." - Love it!

  4. Isn't it funny how a minor change to your appearance makes such a difference? When I was in college and had a big paper to write - but not the sleep, brains or motivation to do it - I'd put on liquid eyeliner. Somehow the extra makeup lent me the confidence to whip out a solid paper. Next time I need a little extra to complete a task I'm trying pearls!

  5. Catherine, Next time, I'll try eyeliner!


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